Companies spend big bucks on employee benefits—millions of dollars in many cases. Naturally, they want employees to understand the value of those benefits as part of their overall compensation. Yet many companies only communicate about benefits during open enrollment when employees are making decisions for the next year. Once a year isn’t enough if you not only want employees to value their benefits but also actually understand and use them to their advantage.  

Year-round benefit communications should be part of every HR department’s annual planning. Talking about benefits January through December sends the message that benefits are a key way the company cares about employees. Plus, regular benefit reminders help eliminate common mistakes and help ensure benefits get used (or used properly). 

A Quarterly Communications Plan 

Some companies start with quarterly communications to highlight benefits and begin building awareness outside of open enrollment. For example, a quarterly calendar might focus on:  

Timing Theme Content
Q1 Health & Wellness  Tips about medical, prescription, dental and vision plans 
Q2 Financial Wellness  Reminders about retirement plan, life insurance and disability 
Q3 Work-life Balance  Reminders about time off, leaves, childcare benefits, etc. 
Q4 Open Enrollment  Information about selecting benefits for the next year 
Download a free quarterly benefits communication template

A Monthly Communications Plan 

Others like to communicate more frequently and set a monthly benefits communications plan. Below is a sample plan: 

Financial wellness 
Pharmacy benefits 
Dental and vision 
Employee Assistance Program 
Preventive health 
Education assistance/student loans 
Disability and life insurance 
Voluntary benefits 
Medical benefits 
Open enrollment 
Family-friendly benefits 
Benefit reminders for year ahead 
Download a free monthly benefits communication template

A Personalized Communications Plan  

Some organizations use a more personalized communications plan during an employee’s first year. This approach gives regular touchpoints during the year as an employee gets acclimated and familiar with their benefits. 

Timing Content
Month 1 Welcome aboard (overview of benefits, how to enroll) 
Month 3 Retirement plan (including company contributions) and financial wellness resources 
Month 6 Family-friendly benefits and other work/life resources 
Month 9 How to get the most out of your benefits  
Month 12 Congrats on one-year of employment / Are you taking advantage of all we offer?  

All of these communications strategies help you make employee benefits a year-round conversation. If you’re ready to start planning, we can help. Simply reach out at to get started. 

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