5 Internal and Employee Communication Trends to Watch in 2023

Dec 22, 2022
Trends to Watch in 2023

When it comes to your employee communication strategy, one thing is constant and enduring—internal communications should always be honest and authentic. Communications should be timely and, where possible, encourage two-way conversation.

But, just like every other area of communications and marketing—your employee communications strategy should continue to evolve with new technologies, cultural shifts, and employee expectations.

How Internal Influencers Should Be Part of Your Employee Communication Strategy

We’ve all seen how “influencers” have transformed marketing worldwide. Now that same concept is being applied to internal communication strategies. Employee leaders are becoming another avenue to build culture and serve as a liaison between company leadership and employees. Staffbase believes that internal influencers should be individuals with great intrinsic motivation who are fully committed to their topic and have a strong network.1

We’re seeing one Westcomm client use this strategy with their mental health awareness campaign. As the campaign has gained traction over the past few years, the company realized for it to have a true cultural shift, there must be ambassadors at the local level. For example, at one location, a local employee-led committee is serving as the “feet on the ground,” providing information and resources to employees who may need extra support. Consider how to work with internal influencers to amplify your messages and provide a greater connection to the pulse of your workforce.

Connect Your Employees With Your Strong Employer Brand

More than ever, employees want to feel connected to a larger purpose. Reminding employees of the “why” behind what you do—or how they are instrumental in achieving that why—enhances the employee experience. And this, in turn, can reduce turnover, boost productivity and help attract (and retain!) key talent.

As part of their efforts to improve the employee experience, a large hospital client created a “You’re the Reason” video. They also used the video to feature their key benefits and the year-round support provided to employees. Keep in mind that creating a strong employer brand and providing a positive employee experience starts at the onset—with onboarding.

Leverage Engagement Platforms to Reach Your Employees

We’re seeing a rise in the use of intelligent digital platforms to reach employees, especially those workforces who are more remote or field-based. These communication apps connect organizations with their workforces by using interactive tools and two-way communication features. And some, like Firstup, can be customized to allow messages to be segmented or even personalized.

Westcomm has long employed a personalized communications strategy, believing that the more meaningful and relevant a message, the more likely it is to be embraced, remembered, and acted upon. One great example: We helped one client personalize their retirement benefit communications by age demographic and gain a 10% increase in 401(k) participation.

Use Effective Storytelling As Part of Your Employee Communications Strategy

Storytelling has been an effective marketing strategy for some time. And in the employee world of information overload, storytelling can be a way to break through and convey information in a new and engaging way. That’s because storytelling connects us and speaks to us in a way other communication methods simply can’t. And this is especially true for a younger generation of employees. A short video that can explain a complex topic creatively and comprehensively is now more appealing to many than a long  text.

Build a Culture of Support and Employee Well-Being

While this is not a new trend, we include it because it’s not one that is going away. In fact, the focus on employee well-being—especially mental and emotional health—only continues to ramp up. There are strategic ways you can build a culture of support and well-being and share resources   offer support for mental health struggles, burnout, or stress. Additionally, employers are expanding well-being efforts to also include diversity, equity, and inclusion—where an inclusive environment, career opportunities, and work-life balance all support holistic well-being.

Need Help? 

If you’re ready to start planning your internal communications strategy for the year, we’re here to help. Simply reach out at helloindy@westcomm.com to learn more.

1 https://staffbase.com/blog/internal-communication-trends/

5 Internal and Employee Communication Trends to Watch in 2023


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