We help employers make benefits understandable through creative, clear and personalized benefit communications. 

Only 30% of U.S. adults completely understand their health benefits—a fact that’s costing employees and employers alike. At Westcomm, we are fluent in HDHP, PPO, HSA, HRA and any other acronym out there. This allows us to translate HR and insurance jargon into custom, user-friendly content and visuals that resonate with employees—ultimately equipping them to make better healthcare choices as they navigate their benefits to everyone’s benefit. 

Clearly-crafted employee benefits communications lead to:

  • Smarter use of benefits—translating into a cost savings for both employer and employee
  • Better retention for top talent
  • Less employee confusion
  • Higher utilization of preventative care (proven to decrease healthcare costs)
  • Appropriately selected healthcare and other benefit programs
  • Smooth benefits onboarding for new hires
  • More time for benefits teams to focus on strategic programs
  • HR/Benefits teams focused on core business, not answering questions
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Big Benefit Changes During Open Enrollment

We can help you introduce: 

  • New healthcare carriers 
  • Plan design (including phase out) 
  • Narrow network options 
  • Policy and/or eligibility changes (e.g., spousal coverage) 
5 Strategies for Introducing Big Benefits Changes
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Increase Employee Benefits Programs Engagement

Intentional communications can help you move the needle in your: 

  • Retirement plans 
  • Wellness program  
  • EAP  
  • On-site clinic usage 
3 Strategies to Improve Employee Engagement with Benefits
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Mergers, Acquisitions & Restructurings

Make your new employees benefits concerns a top priority by:

  • Onboarding during a special enrollment period
  • Providing benefits education
  • Post-merger communications  
Our Keys to Making Benefits Communication a Priority During Change
We bridge the gap to truly communicate your benefits.

Why Choose Us for Your Benefits Communications Needs?

We collaborate with you to learn your culture, employee needs, goals and challenges. We apply that to a custom benefits campaign. And then we support you to deploy it. Depending on your organization’s needs, our fully-customized approach may include: 

  • In-depth evaluation of existing communications 
  • Creation and deployment of an employee listening program to better understand employee preferences and perceptions 
  • Data analysis to guide future communications, monitor employee engagement and measure program effectiveness 
  • Development of a comprehensive communications plan focused on improved outcomes 
  • Campaign design, implementation and managementcontent development, branding, graphics and production (printing, fulfillment, distribution) 
  • Strategic counsel 
  • Handson support as part of your team 
  • Best practices & industry insights 
  • Clear copywriting with a consistent tone and brand—geared toward helping your employees understand their benefits
  • Simple, visual representation of complex information
  • Intake your employee benefits material and simplify itwithout losing meaning 
  • Develop benefits communications strategy and creative engagement ideas
  • Implement benefits communications plan that reach employees at the right time and in the right wayusing personalization and segmentation

We provide a multi-channeled approach informed by our proven processes and years of experience in benefits communications to companies of all sizes.

Our deliverables are custom to you—no one-size-fits-all templates for:

  • Personalized Benefit Statements and Checklists
  • Targeted Benefit Newsletters & Emails
  • Open Enrollment Guides
  • Postcards & Personalized Mailers
  • Benefit Explainer Videos
  • Benefit Presentations
  • Benefits Websites
  • New Hire Videos and Presentations
  • Employee Culture Campaigns
  • Employee Value Proposition Campaigns
  • Intranet Articles
  • Social Media Campaigns

We are trusted by:

Whether we’re communicating about the benefits you offer, the culture you’re creating or the programs you provide, our team does it in a smart, meaningful and actionable way.

We are an employee experience and internal communications agency filled with straight-talking messaging and design experts with a knack for knocking it out of the park.

Benefit Communications Report: Insights Into What Matters

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