We all know the importance of creating excellent first impressions, but have you considered that it applies to your new employees, too? Your company’s onboarding process sets the tone and shapes employees’ perceptions of their new employer. This is your opportunity to engage new employees from the beginning – and keep them engaged.

Our six recommendations to ensure a positive, impactful onboarding process:

1. Onboarding begins the moment a job offer is accepted. 

Bridge the gap to your new employees’ first day with helpful resources and information, such as forms to complete, parking, dress code, etc. Provide a welcome video featuring key members of your management team.

2. Share about company’s values and culture to help employees integrate into the work environment from day one. Emphasize what makes your company unique.

3. Develop a comprehensive benefits guide tailored for your new employees that helps them recognize the value of their benefits. Materials that they can take home and share with their spouse or partner are much more effective than an email.

4. Help new employees understand the onboarding process with a new employee quick start checklist. This is a great place to include any eligibility requirements for benefits that require a waiting period.

5. Create an ongoing communications plan for the first year of employment. For example, most employees focus on medical benefits during their first days on the job. Communications around retirement, three to six months after hire or around annual raise periods, would ensure they are getting the full benefit of any company match.

6. Encourage new employees to actively participate in what truly is an ongoing process and offer multiple ways for them to stay connected.

Armed with these resources, your new employees will be off to a great start in positioning themselves for success and future growth at your company.