We believe employee communications can be engaging, dynamic, and far from boring. We’re problem-solvers who strive to bring a marketing-driven approach to help simplify the complex and make it personal.

A customdesigned employee communications plan leads to: 

  • Trust! More than 80% of Americans say employee communication is key to developing trust with their employers
  • Increased profit and productivity by way of more engaged employees  
  • Better employee retention
  • Clear direction for company strategy and goals among all employees 
  • More understanding of the importance each employee has within the greater organizational picture 
  • Smoother changes and transitions within the organization 

Build Your Company Culture & Employee Value Proposition

We bring your stories to life by: 

  • Clearly developing and defining your employee value proposition (EVP) statements
  • Bringing out your culture through videos, written content and visuals 
  • Equipping managers with talking points and/or discussion guides 
  • Providing training and presentations for leadership

Increase Employee Engagement

We deliver the help you need:

  • Communication strategies and ongoing support that builds consistency 
  • Engagement plans based on research (surveys, executive interviews, focus groups) 
  • Relevant and compelling communication tools 
  • Processes to enable leaders and managers to communicate information and initiate opportunities for dialogue   

Why Choose Us for Your Employee Communications Needs?

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Expertise in employee communications

We are communicators specifically focused on employees. That means we:

  • Understand your employees’ unique challenges and strengths 
  • Have knowledgeable experience with a multitude of tools to help meet your needs 
  • Provide strategic counsel specific to your overall vision 
  • Hear your complex challenges and translate them into clear messages that resonate with employees 
  • Blend with your team to provide hands-on support 
  • Share best practices & industry insights 

Our communication planning process

We provide a multi-channeled approach informed by our proven processes and years of experience in employee communications to companies of all sizes.

  • No corporate-speak—we help you reach your employees in the way they prefer with messages that resonate. 
  • Planning and strategic implementation is key to building a plan to fit your needs. 
  • Identifying and segmenting your employee base translates into more effective communication. 
  • Check and recheck with a plan for measuring employee engagement.  
  • Bottom line: We’ll uphold your brand and goals while blending our creative engagement ideas with it. 

Building Culture Together

  • A strategy with a plan, tools and timeline that fit your needs and abilities 
  • Visual and written assets unique to your company and employees 
  • Clear copywriting with a consistent tone and brandgeared toward helping your employees understand your desired culture 
  • Employee engagement data and analytics measuring the effectiveness of the communications 
  • Manager communications with trainings, resources and additional communications tools 
  • Ongoing support—our team is your team 

Corporate Communications & Employee Engagement

We listen to your current pain points and will build your internal communications plan to support your company culture goals and fit your employees. We will support you in deploying the plan, measuring it and celebrating its successes.   

Depending on your organization’s needs, our fully-customized approach may include: 

  • In-depth evaluation of existing communications 
  • Creation and deployment of an employee listening program to better understand employee preferences and perceptions 
  • Data analysis to guide future communications, monitor employee engagement and measure program effectiveness 
  • Development of a comprehensive communications plan, focused on improved outcomes 
  • Campaign design, implementation, management: (content development, branding, graphics and, production – (printing, fulfillment and distribution)

Multi-Channel Deliverables

Our deliverables are custom to you—no one-size-fits-all templates for:

  • Communication plans 
  • Employee experience 
  • Employee recruitment and onboarding 
  • Employer brand development 
  • Focus groups 
  • Infographics
  • Internal communications audits
  • Intranets
  • Presentations
  • Surveys 
  • Training and eLearning 
  • Videos 

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