Five Practical Tips for Businesses Using Social Media in 2020

Sep 17, 2020

Planning and adaptability are critical in post-COVID times.

The rise of social media in 2020 may not have been predicted in December of last year; but as soon as the word “pandemic” began creeping into everyone’s lexicon, eyes began turning to the channels that keep everyone connected. According to a GlobalWebIndex Survey, July saw a rise of 10.5% in social media usage compared to July 2019. It’s no surprise that as people began craving connection, entertainment and opportunities, they turned to the online world of work collaboration tools and social apps.

Even as restrictions on brick-and-mortar businesses continue to ease, the likelihood that people will return to pre-COVID levels of in-person shopping, meeting and event-going could be months – if not years – away. This means the steady rise and engagement on social channels are likely to stay heightened for far longer than the usage of the word “pandemic.” As businesses and individuals look to build their networks and rethink their strategies, here are top five practical tips for moving forward with momentum in the digital space.

1. Check your presence

Most companies have an online presence at the bare minimum with a website. Building a presence in the digital space on more channels (blogs, social platforms and digital marketing) builds on that foundation and brings a business into the “marketplace” where their customers are. It’s essential to comb through your online presence and confirm your company social profiles are clean and ready for your customers and that you are prepared to engage.

2. Check your purpose

For most people, social media influencers excluded, the purpose of social isn’t to gain thousands of followers. Instead, the purpose is to create more meaningful connections with targeted populations. For LinkedIn users, this means finding potential clients and sending genuine messages to connect with them in a relevant way. For businesses, it means setting up multiple touchpoints, like a chat stream, for the customer to have a deeper connection with the brand.

3. Be aware of current events

We would be remiss if we didn’t give the reminder—for both brand and individual accounts—be present and aware of current events. No one wants to be caught in the middle of a faux pas that could have been avoided with a little current affairs knowledge.

4. Try something new

2020 is a prime year for exploring new tactics and stretching your brand creativity. Productivity looks different, meetings look different, being a working parent looks different. Adaptability has become the number one skill a successful person can have. For those years where your team has debated launching an email newsletter but just hasn’t taken the time to really think through content or purpose—now is that time.

5. Make a plan

New spaces and new styles of working all lead to the ability to think through your business’s digital call to action. WHY are you on the platforms you’re on? WHY are you posting certain content? If you’ve not yet made a plan for yourself or your business in the social space, this latter half of 2020 is the prime time to focus in on your “why” and build a plan for how to reach it.

If you’re struggling with your social media plan or need to jump start your creativity for the online world, let us help! We’ve walked people and brands through the process of finding their footing in the digital spaces they fit in best and developing a plan to help them reach their purpose.

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Five Practical Tips for Businesses Using Social Media in 2020


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