Four Ingredients for a Great Benefits Website

Organizations spend millions of dollars annually to provide benefits to their employees. Yet, many employees don’t understand their benefits—let alone realize the value of what they are being provided. An effective way to get the most for your investment is through a benefits website.

A benefits website gives your employees a single place to visit to learn about all things benefits-related. More robust benefits website also allow employees to take actions from their site—enroll in benefits, submit claims, download forms, etc. It can also act as a hub for employees– it’s a tangible extension of the type of employee experience you’re striving to provide.

To fully leverage your benefits website, be sure you create a platform that is:

1. Convenient

Benefits decisions are often family decisions, so the information on your benefits website needs to be available to employees as well as their spouses/partners—when they want it, wherever they are. That means your benefits website should be hosted outside your company firewall so it can be accessed from a home computer or a mobile device. And to make sure it’s easy to view on a phone, tablet or desktop, it should also be responsive in design, adapting to whatever device it is being viewed on.

2. Comprehensive

Your benefits website should be reflective of your benefits offering. It should include information about your full range of benefits—from medical, dental and vision plans, to a 401(k) retirement plan, to many other work/life benefit options. And don’t forget to add a search function to make it easy for employees (or spouses/partners) to quickly find what they’re looking for on the site. 

3. Current

Information should be updated regularly. This helps establish your site as the go-to resource for current benefits news. You can also make updates to the content based on how employees are interacting with the site. Look at the data to see what information they are searching for and what pages are the most visited.

4. Communicated

To ensure the website becomes the go-to benefits resource, you need to consistently communicate about it. In addition to keeping it fresh year-round, reference it in all your materials: emails, posters, digital banners, social media posts, etc. You should also include it in new employee materials, so employees are introduced to it from day one on the job.

Ready to get started?

Open enrollment is coming up quickly. This is an ideal time to launch or update a benefits website. If you want helping thinking through your open enrollment or yearlong benefits communications strategy, we’re here to help. We’re passionate about communicating well to employees and helping you make the most of your investment. Reach out to us at