From Underground to Online

Building relationships through content and engagement on social platforms.

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Social Media Management – USIC

Effectively reaching and engaging diverse audiences across four brands and multiple social media platforms. 

Since 2017, Westcomm has partnered with USIC to manage their online presence and engagement across multiple social media channels.

USIC is the largest utility locating firm in the United States, performing over 80 million locates annually. The USIC family of companies includes four brands that each perform specialized services in the utility industry. 

  • Campaign Strategy 
  • Branding/Creative 
  • Social Media Management 
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Video Production

Campaign Goals 

• Educate the public about the importance of 811 and private utility services 

• Elevate the USIC brand for employee recruitment and retention 

• Reach and grow B2B customers for the private utility services provided by Blood Hound Underground, RECONN and On Target 

USIC LinkedIn Social Media
Blood Hound Facebook social media post

Westcomm develops a consistent content strategy that is specific to each brand, audience and platform. 

Content Management: Creating social media posting schedule with actionable key messages, compelling creative (including video) and timely posts based on current events and relevant news. 

Community Management: Managing and responding to direct messages, as well as monitoring and responding to public comments. 

Data-Driven Optimization: Regularly analyzing performance data and optimized content accordingly to maximize impact. 

The key to engagement is community management.

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