Family-friendly, Flexible Benefits Key to This Year’s Open Enrollment

Sep 23, 2020
Are Your Benefits Family Friendly?

Open enrollment is just around the corner! As your employees will have benefits on their minds, now is an excellent time to feature your family-friendly and flexible benefits. With the current workforce climate and competition for high-quality talent, it’s helpful to remind your employees how your benefits support the entire family holistically—physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially.

From benefits that support caregiving, parental leave, and flexible work arrangements to those for mental and financial health, this is a tangible way to show your employees that you understand the challenges they are facing and that your organization cares about the well-being of the whole family.

Key flexible, family-friendly benefits to highlight include: 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Most companies offer an Employee Assistance Program as part of their benefits package. EAPs are experiencing a resurgence as the importance of mental wellness has increased. EAPs generally provide free counseling and are a confidential, safe resource. Full-service EAPs offer legal and financial counseling in addition to mental health services. Highlighting this benefit shows that you are plugged into your workforce and every aspect of their health.

Additional Sick Days, Personal Business Days, Mental Health Days, Sabbaticals

If you offer extra days of respite, let your employees know they are covered through more than just “normal” time off. Supporting employees in this way showcases a level of care and concern that is vital all year long.

Flexible Work Arrangements

One of the simplest ways your organization can support employees is to provide flexibility in work arrangements to help support the challenges of e-learning needs, caregiver balances, and overall mental health. Keep your employees updated on your latest procedures.

Parental Leave

Pregnancy and adoption can be a stressful time for any parent. If you offer parental leave or a combination of FMLA and short-term disability, provide a clear explanation around its usage to help alleviate stress for your expecting employees. Promote any pre-or post-natal services that your company’s benefits cover, such as pregnancy education programs, free breast pumps, after-birth support groups, and lactation services.

Caregiving Benefits

If you offer benefits or resources to help employees take care of young children, elderly parents, or ailing spouses/partners, make sure they know about them! This can include:

  • Providing employees with the names of childcare or elder care providers
  • Subsidizing a childcare center or program
  • Providing access to elder care services
  • Offering family or elder care leave beyond FMLA

Retirement Plans and Financial Wellness Programs

Anyone can feel financial stress. That’s why many companies have expanded their financial wellness offerings. Most offer retirement savings plans to help employees save for their futures. Other resources may include free financial education, tools to help employees address financial goals, and student loan programs.

Building a Stronger Workforce

Your employees are looking for employer support and need to know what you offer that can help them (and their families!) stay both physically and mentally well. Demonstrating care and understanding for your employees will encourage them to take advantage of available resources and help build a stronger workforce with pride and loyalty to their workplace. That’s a benefit every company can get behind.

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Family-friendly, Flexible Benefits Key to This Year’s Open Enrollment


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