Want to know what’s really effective in making your communication efforts stand out? Consistency. Often it can be the difference between failure and success. This holds true when you’re talking about benefits. Although HR professionals place a greater focus on communications during benefits enrollment (as they should!), it’s vital that you talk about benefits all year long.

While open enrollment is a good time to highlight the value of benefits—just know it doesn’t last. Consider how many emails, texts or calls employees receive during the workday. And now with hybrid workforces, workdays may be extended or have varied hours.

Bottom line: You’re fighting for the attention of employees and the competition is stiff! You need to be talking about benefits year-round for it to really sink in.

Keep this in mind:

The ideal benefits strategies include a consistent stream of communication. Create a schedule on a monthly, bimonthly or quarterly basis. Show the value of a benefit by focusing on what it does for employees. Keep messages brief and easy to understand. And then, give employees something to do—make it actionable.

Keeping all that in mind, it’s also helpful to change up the communication vehicle. Use a mix of articles, videos, intranet banners, postcards, texts and emails to trickle out information on various topics. When regularly available, employees can review these items at their convenience, when they need it. All of this creates a better benefits experience for employees.

“Benefits are a key part of our compensation package, so we’re shortchanging everyone when we’re not regularly talking about benefits,” says Candace Shaffer, Senior Director, Benefits at Purdue University.

Consider implementing more consistent communications with your employees. As they use their 2021 benefits, they may need reminders, tips or other information to maximize your investment—and theirs.

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