Three Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Employee Engagement Platform

Apr 22, 2023
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The modern workforce is experiencing an unprecedented shift toward fostering more engaged and satisfied employees. Disengaged employees can have a significant negative impact on a company’s bottom line, with an estimated loss of billions of dollars annually due to employee turnover. In contrast, companies with engaged employees outperform their competitors by over 200%.

One way we see organizations strengthening connections is through employee engagement platforms. These platforms can help organizations connect with their employees throughout their entire careers.

The New World of Intelligent Employee Communications reports that “every employee’s journey is made up of big moments: onboarding, performance reviews, promotions, transfers, or taking leave to welcome a new child into the family. In between these big moments live smaller ones: recognizing a work anniversary, completing an engagement survey, participating in compliance training, or viewing a video from the CEO. The combination of these kind of moments is what creates the overall employee experience.”

Those moments provide many opportunities to communicate with employees. Below are our top tips for leveraging your employee engagement platform to create meaningful communications:

Tip #1: Personalize and Segment Your Messages

Fact: If your communications are personalized or segmented, they are more likely to engage employees.

At Westcomm, we have long employed a personalized communications strategy, believing that the more meaningful and relevant a message, the more likely it is to be embraced, remembered and acted upon. One great example: We helped one client personalize their retirement benefit communications by age, demographic, and current contribution level—and saw a 10% increase in 401(k) participation.

When you assess employee data, you can use it to tailor messages—and connect with employees in a way that is meaningful to them (we call this behavioral science). And digital engagement platforms make personalized communications even easier to implement. These platforms allow you to connect with other HR systems and create “segments” using employee attributes, engagement data, followed groups, locations, departments, interests and more.

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Tip #2: Get Creative with Your Content!

Have you ever spent considerable time crafting the right message for your communication, only to have it barely skimmed over? One of the best ways to ensure high readership and engagement is to leverage visual design. Your images can be used to promote brand awareness, simplify complicated concepts, or provide clear calls to action.

Storytelling can also be a way to break through and convey information in a new and engaging way. And this is especially true for younger generations of employees. A short video that can explain a complex topic creatively and comprehensively (and in less than 3 minutes!) is often more appealing.

Tip #3: Encourage Two-Way Communication

Employee engagement platforms are a great space to foster two-way communications! Tools like collaborative spaces and pop-up surveys, for example, allow employees to share, ask questions, engage in a dialogue, and respond to news. And if you act on what you learn, they’ll learn that their opinions and ideas are welcome!

Establishing a two-way flow of communication ensures that information flows from the top to the bottom and vice versa. In addition to providing clear messages, two-way communication allows you to keep a closer watch on the pulse of your organization and what matters to employees at all levels.

Ready to Leverage Your Platform?

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Three Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Employee Engagement Platform


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