Westcomm Launches 2021 Benefits Communications Survey

Jul 22, 2021

We are excited to announce that our 2021 Benefits Communications Survey is ready for you to provide input and insight!

About the Survey

We are working with a third-party independent research firm* to deploy this study to

  • Priorities regarding benefits communications
  • Challenges being faced by HR professionals regarding communications
  • Tools being used to communicate with employees and their families
  • How success is being measured

All responses are anonymous.

The more respondents, the better the results and the more valuable information will be to all of us. We look forward to sharing the results, including key takeaways and actionable improvements that can be made to benefits communications programs.

How This Study is Different – Attitudinal Segmentation

Most research focuses on traditional demographic characteristics: respondent age, gender, title, company size, etc.

Unlike other research you may have seen about this topic, our study will statistically identify the attitudinal segments in the audience of HR professionals involved in benefits communications. The segments will be determined organically based on respondent attitudes about their priorities with respect to communications, challenges they are experiencing, what they value in providers, and more.

What We’ll Learn

  • Which benefits our survey respondents’ organizations are providing to employees
  • How they are communicating those benefits
  • How they feel about their role as an HR professional, and how they feel their organization does when it comes to communicating benefits
  • The greatest challenges their organizations are facing in the HR realm and how they expect workplace changes to affect their organization in the next few years
  • How insurance carriers support organizations in the development of benefits communications—and what they could do better
  • How survey respondents develop their benefits communications now (i.e., in-house, outside agency, carrier support)
  • How they identify potential organizations to support their benefits communications programs and what qualities they value and assess in these organizations
  • How they measure their benefits communications programs, including which metrics are most important
  • Any characteristics of survey respondents or their organizations that are associated with certain answers to survey questions

We value your input and by completing the survey, you’ll contribute to a broader understanding of how organizations support benefits communications.

*Survey administered by Audience Audit, Inc. and sponsored by Westcomm.

Westcomm Launches 2021 Benefits Communications Survey


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