Four Ways to Keep Your Video Rolling Right Now

May 29, 2020
Remote Video Kit

Are you approaching communication strategies differently based on the pandemic? While some have suspended marketing campaigns altogether, others have enhanced their messaging due to the pandemic’s impact on customers and associates.

Being able to effectively communicate with your audience is more important than ever, and we are dedicated to helping you meet your communication goals in a safe way. To help keep your video projects rolling, we are introducing flexible, “social-distancing” approved video services.

In-Person Services

Option 1: Limited contact production team

We have implemented COVID-19 safety guidelines for our production crews, as outlined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the cities and states in which we work. This includes practicing social distancing during filming, utilizing overhead microphones to limit contact, and frequently disinfecting video gear. We are also limiting our crew size to only necessary personnel, and all members will be wearing face coverings.

Option 2: No-contact production cart

We can provide our standard production gear on a sanitized cart, roll it into your location, and preset the setup for an interview. Our crew member will control the camera remotely from another location in your building and conduct the interviews through a webcam. This is a good option if you prefer that your interview subject does not come in contact with any outside personnel.

Remote Video Kits

For those organizations desiring a more aggressive approach to social distancing guidelines in order to further ensure the safety of their associates and customers, we are now offering two video kits that can be shipped to your location. Once the kit is returned, our team will edit your footage.


Video Kit

Option 3: Full remote video kit

The kit includes a Canon 5D camera, light, tripod, microphone, headphones, and a ‘how-to’ set-up guide. We will virtually guide you through the entire interview process to ensure that the messaging in your interview clips is consistent and fits into your marketing or communication plans.

Option 4: Audio and lighting kit

This smaller kit can be incorporated into your existing webcam system. We are available to virtually guide you on how to position the lights and microphone to achieve better overall lighting, sound and video.

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Four Ways to Keep Your Video Rolling Right Now


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