We’re excited to bring you the 2022 Benefit Communications Report: New Insights into What Works! This report highlights the key findings from Westcomm’s Benefit Communications Survey, a comprehensive study of the attitudes and values of HR and internal communications professionals–straight from them! Participants helped us examine how these vital professionals feel about their work, their value to their organizations, and the importance of employee communications.

What we learned may surprise you—and it will definitely inspire you to leverage benefit communications as a strategic tool in recruitment and retention efforts.

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In this report, you’ll learn:

  • Five factors to show the advantages of benefit communications
  • The three main attitudes that respondents have about their organizations’ commitment to benefit communications
  • The top three challenges facing employee benefits professionals
  • The most common benefit communications channels (and the emerging ones, too)
  • How to measure benefit communications success
  • How to find and assess external communication partners

Want to dive even deeper?

You can view the complete data visualization and research results.

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Benefit Communications Report: Insights Into What Matters

We have a pulse on the state of benefit communications, and you can too! Learn the top three challenges facing employee benefits professionals, common communication tools, and how to measure success.

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