Building a Brand On a Strong a Foundation

Transforming vision into reality through cohesive B2B marketing strategies

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B2B Marketing Support – Scannell Properties

Building a strategic marketing strategy through comprehensive marketing, public relations, and communications support.

Our comprehensive marketing strategy enhances Scannell’s visibility and market leadership in the international commercial real estate development sector.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Scannell Properties is a privately held commercial real estate development company with regional offices across the United States and Europe. We regularly assist Scannell associates worldwide with their marketing, public relations, and communication requirements.

  • Branding/Creative
  • Public Relations
  • Podcast Development
  • Social Media
  • Website Development

Campaign Goals

The primary goal is to enhance Scannell’s visibility and market leadership in the international commercial real estate development sector, including:

• Developing and managing a dynamic online presence through the Scannell website and social media platforms to engage current and potential clients.

• Creating compelling marketing materials that accurately reflect Scannell’s industry standing and expertise in managing large-scale projects.

• Supporting Scannell’s internal and external events and initiatives with strategic public relations and communication strategies.

Scannell Diemelstadt German Logistic Park build
Scannell Mobile LinkedIn Page

We support a variety of marketing initiatives and execute communication and public relations strategies to support the ongoing elevation of the Scannell brand worldwide.

Our campaign implementation includes:

Website Development: Comprehensive overhaul of the Scannell website, leading to an increase in visitor engagement.

Monthly Podcast Development: Connecting with audiences by exploring the latest trends, insights, and innovations within the commercial real estate sector.

Marketing Materials: Ongoing production of videos, slide decks, handouts/printed materials and other collateral to effectively showcase Scannell’s capabilities and achievements.

Branding: Logo development for two new logistics parks in Italy and Germany, setting a benchmark for future branding efforts.

Our efforts solidify Scannell’s position as a leader in the international commercial real estate development industry, drive growth, and foster new opportunities.

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