Empowering Early Childhood Initiatives with Strategic Communication

Being proactive in digital marketing and social media management leads to a more significant impact.

Marketing Support for Hope Starts Here

Demonstrating the power of effective communication in advancing early childhood development initiatives within the community.

Hope Starts Here was looking to advance their mission of supporting young children and families in Detroit.

Hope Starts Here brings together various organizations in Detroit to support young children and families by promoting a shared vision, coordinated actions, advocacy, and infrastructure.

  • Communications
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Development and Management

The primary goals were to:

• Increase awareness of early childhood programs and other initiatives available to low-income families
• Engage stakeholders, including the business community, community members, and parents, with targeted communications
• Educate the community of their mission through digital marketing, social media and proactive communications efforts

Hope Starts Here partnered with Westcomm to address these challenges through a comprehensive set of services, including:

Website Development: Conducted in-depth user testing to improve the user experience

Social Media Management: Developed a proactive social media strategy and optimized social channel strategies for broader reach.

Content Strategy: Streamlined content management processes and procedures, and added new content to the website to make it a central information hub.

Communication Outreach: Produced and distributed a monthly newsletter, authored blog posts, and managed email communications.

Graphic Design Support: Provided visual support for communication and marketing materials while maintaining brand integrity

Understanding and targeting specific audience personas is vital to effective communication.