Providing Safe Routes to School

Visually appealing and interactive elements create a successful campaign that captures children’s attention and leaves a lasting impression.

Community Engagement for State of Indiana Department of Transportation

Ensuring kids have the knowledge and gear needed to keep them safe while biking to and from school, around their neighborhoods, and on bike trails throughout Indiana.

This innovative campaign received a first-place TransComm Skills Contest Interactive Marketing Award, awarded by the AASHTO Committee on Transportation Communications.

Bike IN Safe is more than just a program—it’s a commitment to the safety and well-being of Indiana’s school children. Through engaging and interactive marketing initiatives, Bike IN Safe aims to educate and inform about bicycle safety while distributing vital safety gear to thousands of students across Indiana.

  • Engagement Strategy
  • Branding/Creative
  • Website Development
  • Community Outreach

Funded through the federal Safe Routes to School program, the goal of the promotional campaign was to: 

• Increase awareness and bicycle safety for Indiana elementary school students around roadways
• Coordinate a statewide distribution of free safety gear, including bicycle helmets and reflective accessories
• Provide educational materials for school-age children, parents, schools, youth-serving organizations and other partners to increase engagement and support of bicycle and pedestrian safety

INDOT partnered with Westcomm to launch a comprehensive, multi-channel outreach campaign. The solution included:

Safety Gear Giveaways: Securing over 125,000 bicycle helmets and other safety gear for INDOT to distribute to school-age children across the state through events, online requests, and in partnerships with schools and other youth-serving organizations.

Digital Resources: A campaign website with resources for parents, kids, schools and youth-serving organizations that provides downloadable educational materials (including safety videos, tip sheets, activity pages and more), ideas for event, and a request form for free safety gear for qualifying organizations.

This campaign exemplifies the effectiveness of a multi-touchpoint approach in reaching a broad audience.