Preparing Employees for a Financially-Sound Retirement

To increase program engagement, move from a one-size-fits-all approach to one that is data-driven and based on the employee demographics.

401(k) Retirement Campaign – Community Health Network

To get employees to really pay attention, create communications that are personalized and relevant with a clear call-to-action.

In the war for talent, it’s critical to remind employees of key benefits that make working there all the more attractive. 

Community Health Network sought to increase enrollment and participation in the 401(k) plan through educating employees about the company match.

  • Retirement Plan Communication
  • Personalized and Segmented Communications

Our strategy moved from a one-size-fits-all approach to one that was a data-driven engagement campaign based on actual employee salary and contribution data. Additionally, the content was customized based on age demographics.

Personalized 401(k) mailer that targeted nine different groups based on match eligibility, current participation level and age—each with relevant messaging based on age, stage of life and potential future financial goals.

Monthly postcard campaign geared toward new employees, touching them at pivotal points during their first year of employment.

New employee orientation with an enhanced slide deck, animated video and hand-out to reference when they are ready to take action.

Ongoing articles and short videos to help clarify topics and keep the 401(k) plan in front of employees year-round.