Amplify Employee
Well-Being Support

Deliver thoughtful and well-planned open enrollment campaigns that leverage key marketing strategies.

Total Rewards & Open Enrollment – University of Notre Dame

Take the opportunity to tout comprehensive benefits package that offers well-being support for practically every area of life. 

A comprehensive approach using engaging visuals and personalized statements can tell employees the true impact of their total rewards.

Notre Dame was preparing to announce new medical plans—a change they knew could cause questions for employees. They needed extra support to ensure employees understood the new plans and accompanying financial accounts. 

  • Total Rewards Communication
  • Open Enrollment Communication
  • Personalized Benefit Statements

Campaign Elements  

Engaging visuals and jargon-free language to explain their employee benefits.

Multiple communication channels—benefits guide, flyers, posters, digital signage and videos—to reach people in a variety of ways.

Personalized benefits statements with an employee’s current take-home pay and benefits, including what they and the University pay for each benefit.

Total rewards statements that highlight an employee’s total financial rewards, including compensation, cost Notre Dame covers for benefits, time off, no-cost benefits such as EAP, and additional perks like educational reimbursement and wellness center discounts.