Onboarding During an Acquisition

Developing and implementing a benefit communications strategy ensures a trouble-free transition.

Benefit Communications – Purdue Global University

Proactive communications ensure a smooth and seamless transition for employees, particularly with the adoption of entirely new benefits. 

Communications are essential to ensure a smooth acquisition and quickly build confidence with employees. 

When Purdue University acquired Kaplan University, the HR team worked to align new employees to Purdue programs and services. Additionally, with a large virtual workforce, the team wanted to engage employees regularly to continue to educate them about the benefits available to them. 

  • Benefit Communications
  • Open Enrollment Communications
  • Mental Health Campaign
  • New Employee Orientation 

We consulted with both organizations to develop and implement a communications strategy that ensured a trouble-free transition.

After the transition, we helped create a benefit communications strategy that would extend beyond open enrollment. Purdue University Global launched a monthly benefit newsletter that showcases the resources available in various areas of health and well-being, including physical, financial, behavioral and work-life integration. 

To continue to build loyalty with a new workforce, put a regular communications cadence in place that keeps benefits and resources in front of employees year-round.

Our annual benefit communications strategy includes:

Multiple communication channels are used educate employees about new hire procedures, their benefits and benefits enrollment. 

A comprehensive open enrollment communications strategy was deployed to provide employees with specific benefit details, so employees could make more informed decisions. Ongoing tactics include a benefits guide, online modules, and videos.

Regular benefit reminders help eliminate common mistakes and help ensure benefits get used (or used properly).