Building Knowledge, Building Immunity Through Education

Digital marketing campaigns can help lead transformative initiatives during challenging times.

 #DidYouKnow Digital Campaign – Autism Alliance of Michigan

Targeted, digital marketing is an effective tool for disseminating critical information and general education. 

In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, AAoM recognized the importance of educating individuals on the autism spectrum and their communities about the COVID vaccines and booster shots.

By leveraging the COVID-19 relief fund, AAoM demonstrated the power of collaboration between nonprofits and government agencies in times of crisis.

AAoM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with autism across their lifespan. Their vision is to help people with autism reach their greatest potential. 

  • Campaign Strategy 
  • Branding/Creative 
  • Digital Campaigns 
  • Web Development 
  • Website Management

Campaign Goals

• Ensure that individuals on the autism spectrum and their families understood the significance of vaccinating. 

• Disseminate accurate and accessible information about COVID-19 vaccines. 

• Engage the community and dispel myths surrounding the vaccines. 

Westcomm, in collaboration with VVK PR + Creative, developed a comprehensive, multi-year digital and public relations campaign to address the challenges posed by the pandemic.

The campaign’s elements included: 

Branding: A unique and visually appealing branding strategy was created to make the campaign easily recognizable and relatable. 

Website Development: A user-friendly landing page served as a central hub for information related to COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots. 

Digital Campaigns: Strategically planned, executed and optimized digital campaigns to reach a broad audience. 

Site Management: Regular campaign website updates and maintenance 

Providing clear, accessible information is vital when addressing healthcare concerns within specific populations.