Personalized, Relevant & Timely Communication Make a Big Impact

Uncover the power of personalized benefit communications to help employees make informed decisions.

Open Enrollment Campaign – Ochsner Health

Blanketing employees with mass communications can create confusion and frustration. A better solution? Personalized communications.

Personalized benefit communications help employees make informed decisions about their benefits and understand more clearly what they are choosing and how much it costs.

With more than 35,000 employees across multiple entities, Ochsner Health System’s benefits program is as massive as it is complex. Benefits vary by entity and job position—resulting in 41 different benefit groups.

  • Open Enrollment Communications
  • Personalized Benefit Statement
  • Benefits Brand Development

Campaign Goals

• Increase employee understanding of benefit offerings and engagement during open enrollment by communicating in a personalized way that helps them make informed benefit decisions.

• Provide relevant, timely information about the annual open enrollment period.

• Build an employee brand that tells the story of the holistic benefit offerings Ochsner offers its employees.

Data, data, data. You can’t personalize communications for a large population without first understanding the make-up of the organization.

Westcomm conducted data analysis to uncover distinct benefit groups and the decisions each group needed to make during open enrollment. Each employee receives a personalized benefits statement outlining their current benefits and what options they had for the year ahead. This creates a clear framework and prompt for each employee, ensuring they have the information they needed to make informed decisions.

Communication was further supported by a multi-platform approach to provide multiple touchpoints and engage employees in the way they preferred and was most convenient to them, including:

  • Benefit guides
  • Personalized benefit statements
  • Personalized emails and landing pages
  • Addendums
  • Video explainers
  • A virtual benefit assistant, and more!

Ochsner’s benefits tour guide, Olivia, helps employees navigate benefits through a new interactive online tool.