Healthy Employees, Happy Employees

A wellness brand increases engagement and satisfaction with benefit programs as employees experience the brand in real life.

Benefit Communications – Purdue University

Bringing a marketing approach to benefit communications can connect the dots for employees, elevate the value of benefits and build goodwill.

Talking about benefits January through December sends the message that benefits are a key way your organization cares about employees.

Purdue University offers a comprehensive employee benefits package focused on total health and well-being. The offering is so comprehensive that it can feel overwhelming—and disjointed—to employees. Purdue needed a way to stitch it all together so it’s easier for employees to take advantage of the various benefits and programs. 

  • Employee Communications
  • Open Enrollment Campaign
  • Mental Health Campaign
  • Personalized Benefit Campaigns
  • HR Brand Development

Campaign Goals

Our goal was to build an overarching identity that the benefits team could continually tie back to in all their communications. More importantly, to develop a way to visually remind employees that Purdue cares about them as whole people—with resources that support practically every aspect of their lives.

Purdue iPad branding

We knew that Purdue needed a visual framework that allowed employees to better understand how a program or benefit is part of the overall effort to help address various aspects of their lives.


Our solution included: 

Developing an employee wellness brand, building upon the University’s established Healthy Boiler program. 

Defining the wellness pillars that comprise the program: physical, behavioral, social, financial and work-life integration.

Establishing visual cues and icons for each pillar. 

Creating a year-long communications campaign that includes a monthly e-newsletter, videos, digital signage and social media—all focused on the various benefits, programs and resources available for each of the pillars. 

Regular benefit reminders help eliminate common mistakes and help ensure benefits get used (or used properly).